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Foursquare City Badges

Seit einiger Zeit können die Foursquare Benutzer auch spezielle City Badges freischalten. Um einen Citybadge freischalten zu können muss man einfach an fünf verschiedenen Orten einchecken die sich auf der City-Badge-List befindet. Die Listen wurden mit Hilfe der lokalen Foursquare Usern erstellt, da hat es also sicher den einen oder anderen Geheimtip dabei.

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Motor City

Detroit, MI

Hangin’ in The D, huh? From technicolor airports to Model Ts and The Temptations, it’s a pretty swell city. Nom a coney dog with everything, then scream your head off at a Red Wings game — you’ll fit right in. 3/26/13
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Bab el Bahr

Tunis, Tunisia

Travel through the sands of time to Carthage, or simply take a stroll along the gulf. Feast on tajin before visiting the Bardo, then swing through the Avenue Habib Bourguiba with its Parisian vibes. But don’t be fooled – you’re still in Tunis. Wallah! 11/28/12
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Manado, Indonesia

Oslo, Norway

Look at all the coconut trees! Seems you’ve made it to Bumi Nyiur Melambai. So makang? Wander over to Kawasan Wisata Kuliner Tinutuan Wakeke (say that three times fast!) for some Bubur Manado. And once you’ve digested, get your cliff diving on. Dahsyat! 11/28/12
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Kollen Roar

Oslo, Norway

Whether on bike, skis, or your very own kon-tiki, you’ve explored Oslo’s best! After a hike around the woods at Frognerseteren, meet up with friends at Løkka… or are you the Solli Plass type? Either way, hit up Kebab Street on your way home. Sykt fett! 11/16/12
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Bologna, Italy

You mastered the city of torri, portici, and tortellini! Meet your friends al Nettuno, zip over to Zanarini for un aperitivo, then to Trattoria da Vito for mortadella, or maybe some tagliatelle with ragù. After all, they don’t call it ‘la grassa’ for nothing… 9/6/12
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Montevideo, Uruguay

You’re a regular Montevideana! Take a walk on the Rambla, drink mate with bizcochos, then trek to the Ciudad Vieja to hear a tango or two. Hungry? Hit up the Mercado del Puerto for some asado before hopping from boliche to boliche. ¡Qué copado, che! 9/6/12
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Garden City

Kumasi City, Ghana

In the heart of Ghana, you work all day and find yourself at Sweet Pub, sippin’ brews, by night. Dine at Abusua or Mckweon for top-notch eats – because when it comes to fufu, the Garden City knows what’s up. 8/15/12
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Awwah! We’ll always have Casablanca. When the sun is shining, we’ll wander to Al Houbous, where vendors boast their brightly colored wares. After a stroll along the corniche, we’ll grab a drink, then catch a flick at Megarama! Moot. 8/1/12
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where the Gombak and Klang rivers meet, head to the bustling Golden Triangle (by monorail, bus, or LRT)! From the shopping in Bejaya Time Square, to the chicken rice of Jalan Alor and Kampung Baru… KL-lah! So dive on in – the city of dreams awaits! 8/2/12
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Perth, Australia

Observe the Perthians in their natural habitat: grilling snags on the barbie, sipping a quiet bevvy from the Esky, gathering by the beach to devour some fish n’ chips. And – look! Just there! They’re off to the club in Northbridge! Streuth. 7/19/12
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Lucky Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

Time to shop ‘til you drop! After returning from Myeongdong, head to Cheonggyecheon for a casual stroll or bike along the Han river. Ready to chow down? Stuff yourself with street food at the Pojangmacha, or head to a hof for bulgogi. Daebak! 7/19/12
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Blue Danube

Vienna, Austria

You’re in the land of the Hapsburgs, home to ferris wheels and Freudian slips! When you’re not being classy at Castle Schönbrunn or the Philharmonic, you’re likely wolf(gang)ing down wiener schnitzel or dancing it up at U4 Diskothek. Oida. 7/3/12
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City of Laviolette

Trois Rivieres, Quebec

Where might one find a Grand Prix, poetry, and round-the-clock poutine? Only in Trois-Rivières, of course. Saunter along the Saint-Laurent at the Harbourfront, then make for La Rue des Forges with some friends. C’est malade! 6/28/12
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Kingston, Jamaica

From the dred-donning rastafarians and pirates of Port Royal to the many Pantomimes you’ve attended and your perfect Patois, you know this isle front to back! So pack up the jerk chicken, crank up the Bob Marley, and head for the beach – yu a come wit wi? 6/28/12
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What Happens in Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

Oh, Vegas. Home to endless pool parties, bedazzled heels, and the last remaining Hummer limos. Now pop some bottles, scoop up a fallen VIP pass from the floor of Caesars Palace, and… OMG, how did that tiger get into the closet?! 6/22/12
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Portland, OR

Look at you with your mustache, biking to work and sipping on Stumptown. You’ve probably got a well-developed palette for microbrews and a friend who’s a cheesemonger, too, right? Now go on, eat that maple bacon bar. We won’t judge. 6/22/12
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City of Three Towers

Ghent, Belgium

Biking over cobblestones and passing Medieval castles on your morning commute? Totally normal. You flock to the Graslei and Korenlei when the weather is nice, and always snag fries from the frituur late at night. Oh, and you Love Techno, right? Vree wijs! 6/20/12
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Gem of the Baltics

Riga, Latvia

Sveiki Riga! You truly are in The Capital of the North with its swingin’ nightclubs, beautiful streets and historic architecture. From the rye bread at Lido to the partying at Piens, what’s not to love? After all, that black balsam really warms the heart. 6/20/12
Original Post

Caracas, Venezuela

How to be a Caraqueña: jog to Sabas Nieves to get your workout on, cancel out all that hard work with an arepa de cochino frito (or two), then rally the troops and head for El Teatro Bar for that good ol’ rock venezolano. ¡Finisimo! 6/1/12
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Mi Mumbaikar

Mumbai, India

Sauntering through the City of Dreams, you feel like the star of your favorite bollywood film. Or maybe you’re coasting by on a BEST bus to meet friends for a ‘cutting’ chai. If it’s good enough for Sachin Tendulkar, it’s good enough for us! Jhakaas! 5/25/12
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Mexico City

¡Órale! You’re the master of La Ciudad de los Palacios, from its many museums to the Zócalo! You dine on tortas de tamal at breakfast, huaraches at lunch and tacos—well—all the time. Now, hop on the metro and meet us at the cantina. ¡Vámonos de antro! 5/17/12
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Doha Denizen

Doha, Qatar

From singing dunes, to dune bashing, you’ve got the desert down! Spend your weekend cruising on a dhow with some friends, then head to the Souq for a shisha, why don’t ya? Or go the low-key route and relax at home with some karak tea. Fallah! 5/17/12
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Santiaguino a full

Santiago, Chile

City to the front, Andes to the back! When you’re not soaking up some culture at the GAM, you’re jogging around the Parque Metropolitano, taking in the sun. And when hunger strikes, it’s off to Paseo Ahumada to devour a completo. ¡Bacán! 5/17/12
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Rio de Janeiro

From the girls of Ipanema to the die-hard fans at Maracana, Rio knows. Spend the afternoon sipping Caipirinhas and feasting on feijoada, then head to Lapa for some Samba. Catch a ride home on a Kombi and do it all again tomorrow! 5/10/12
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Selemat Datang


Weave between the crowds at the museums and monuments in Kota Tua, and shop ‘til you drop at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Head to Bandar Djakarta for some killer seafood (you’re on an island, after all!), then catch a game at GBK. Mantap! 5/4/12
Original Post
Krung Thep


When you’re not shopping at Siam Paragon or MBK, you’re probably in the back of a tuk tuk stuck in traffic or going to meet friends on Khao San Road. You know which roadside noodle stand is best, love som tam, and live for a good Tom Yum Goong. Zab! 5/4/12
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Pig’s Eye

St. Paul

Whether you’re feasting on fried cheese curds at the State Fair or high-fiving the Vulcan Krewe during Winter Carnival, St. Paul is where it’s at. From Como Park to Lowertown, Summit Ave to those secret tunnels, you keep it real on your side of the river. 4/25/12
Original Post
City of Lakes


You’re hip to the midwest max! Not rain, nor sleet, nor feet of snow can keep you from your bike, and you’d die before missing a First Ave show. So hit up a Twins game, swing by the Sculpture Garden, and tell us: what does the cherry in the spoon MEAN?! 4/25/12
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Explorador Porteño

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spend the day in Parque Lezama or wandering the Caminito, indulge in a steak at Cabaña Las Lilas, then head to San Telmo for a drink! Tango it off at Esquina Homero Manzi, or at a boliche where the beat’s always bumpin‘. ¡Buenísimo! 4/10/12
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A true Mokummer! Your bike is your best friend, and together you’ve crossed every canal from Herengracht to Prinsengracht! You can name all the works in the Rijksmuseum, not to mention each cafe in de Wallen. After all, A’dam is known for its…coffee. 4/5/12
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You’ve strolled along the Charles, belted “Sweet Caroline” with the best of them, hit every stop on the Freedom Trail and even taken an ironic Duck Tour or two. Paul Revere would be proud (Duck Tours aside). 3/19/12
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Ah, the city of brotherly love, where it’s always sunny and cheesesteaks abound! Be they Geno’s or Pat’s, Tony Luke’s or Dalessandro’s – as Ben Franklin would say, a penny saved is a hoagie earned. Or something like that… 3/19/12
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Keep Austin Weird

Austin, TX

You’re the star of the Lone Star State! You’ve got the sturdiest boots, smokiest bbq, rowdiest dive bars… and where else can you eat tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Catch a show at Stubb’s, grab a bloody at Rio Rita, and look out for bats! 3/6/12
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Oklahoma City

OMG OKC! From Bricktown to Downtown, y’all better saddle up — it’s gonna be a zoo (and have you SEEN the zoo?!). With red dirt on the soles of your shoes and classic Shania on the radio, where else would you be (other than the heart of the heartland)? 3/2/12
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Stamford Savvy

Stamford, CT

If you seek a New England city with some spunk, look no further. From Old Town Hall to Curley’s Diner, you don’t have to be a Connecticutian to appreciate this charm. Though, you do have to like crossword puzzles (oh hey, Will Shortz)! 3/2/12
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Charm City


Omar. McNulty. Stringer Bell. That girl in “Hairspray.” They all had one thing in common, and that’s you, Baltimore. So cheer on those Orioles, crack open a blue crab, and hon, don’t even think about skimping on the Old Bay. 3/2/12
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French for ‚The Moines‘

Des Moines

State fairs and skywalks, prairie dogs n’ butter cows — yep, definitely in Des Moines. Slurp a malt from Snookies, then feast on a Zombie Burger before visiting the LHF (Living History Farms. Duh). And remember — if you check in, they will come. 3/2/12
Original Post
River City

Richmond, VA

Brick facades, Robert E. Lee, and some Southern hospitality – what more could you want? Drive down Monument Ave, saunter through Carytown and hit up your favorite record store, then end your day with a movie at the Byrd. Don’t forget to nom an Eskimo Pie! 3/2/12
Original Post
Ciutat Comtal


Hola, Barcelona! Get your Catalan on (you’re no guiri!) and wander over to Les Rambles to soak up the scene. After a crema catalana, climb the la Sagrada Familia to watch the sun go down, then head to Razzmatazz and party ‘til it rises again. Com mola! 2/27/12
Original Post
Red Square


Art thou a true Moskvitch? Da! From Tolstoy’s tomes to the busy shoppers on Tverskaya Street, your babushka’s matreshka dolls to the metro station mosaics, you know Moscow better than Pushkin and Chekhov combined. Buy yourself a blin (or five)! 2/20/12
Original Post
Harbour City


Hangin’ out down under, mate? How about a morning swim at Manly beach, a bit of Yum-Cha in Chinatown (or pie and peas at Wooloomooloo!), and a game of park cricket? Grab a stubby at the Argyle and it’s one cracking day out, you little beauty! 2/17/12
Original Post
Milano da bere


From the Duomo to Corso Como – Milano, ti amo! Here’s to surviving the Visigoths, Fashion Week, and many a perilous Vespa ride. Now make like Da Vinci and head to the Naviglio… it’s time for a Campari! 2/6/12
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Post siesta, you meet up with friends and sip a clara (o dos). Next thing you know, you’re wandering through Sol at five in the morning, feet aching, with a craving for churros con chocolate and no hope of catching el último Búho. ¡Mola mazo! 1/25/12
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Kurt and Courtney. Tom and Meg. You’re in the city of sleepless nights and grunge glory days. Now down that frappuccino, find some flannel, and hang with the Fremont Troll until the rain passes – or the floating bridge floats away, whichever comes first. 1/18/12
Original Post
Ich bin ein Berliner


Look who’s in da Haus! You’ve left no stone in Grunewald unturned, no art gallery unseen, and there isn’t a currywurst in all of Berlin you haven’t sampled. Snap a picture in front of Brandenburger Tor then head to Berghain for that untz untz untz untz. 1/6/12
Original Post


From the springtime sakura to sleek skyscrapers, there’s always something to see in this city of shrines and shiny screens. So scarf down some sukiyaki, swipe your Pasmo, and get spirited away on the shinkansen. Sugoi-des, ne! 1/6/12
Original Post


You get sick to your stomach when you hear the word ‘Hotlanta,’ your city is also a forest, and you drive the Perimeter daily. Whether you call 404, the 770 or the 678 your turf, it’s always the home of the Braves. Start poppin’ those (Coke) bottles! 12/22/11
Original Post
Lion City


You know Singapore from the top of the Sands Skypark to the beaches of Sentosa! When you’re not shopping up a storm on Orchard Road, you’re zipping over on the squeaky clean SMRT to sample some BBQ Sambal Stingray at Chomp Chomp. You’re so Tzai one. 12/22/11
Original Post
The Big Easy

New Orleans

From po’boys on Bourbon Street to jazz at d.b.a., you’ve got N’awlins covered like steamboats on the Mississippi. We bet you live every day like Fat Tuesday. Or in the words of Weezy, you got cake every day like it’s yo birthday. Now go eat some pralines! 12/15/11
Original Post

São Paulo

You’ve got the looks of a real Paulistano! Que legal! The concrete jungle doesn’t intimidate you, nor do the crowds at the Praça da Liberdade. And just like this busy metropolis, you’re always setting the trends. Non dvcor, dvco! 12/15/11
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La Ville-Lumière


You’ve picnicked avec un peu de vin by les quais de Seine, partied in République, missed le dernier métro, and taken un velib instead. From la Rive Gauche to la Rive Droite, you’ve seen it all (except Les Catacombes)! C’est un truc de ouf. 12/9/11
Original Post
London Calling


From Buckingham Palace to Brick Lane, The Savoy Hotel to Soho Square, and Downing Street to Diagon Alley, you’ve seen the city’s best… and all before teatime. Add a spoonful of sugar for us! Well done, chap. 12/9/11
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You’ve traipsed across the Seven Hills and spent the morning in Europe and the afternoon in Asia. You know the Bagdat Caddesi like the back of your hand and can spot a good kebab cart a kilometer away. You’ve visited the best of Istanbul! Tebrikler!! 12/9/11
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